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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

now is the time to follow through, to read the signs

the man to my right taps along with the music blaring out of the speakers behind us as i slowly stroll the length of the wall, taking in all of the artwork.

"do you have any tattoos?" his voice interjects into my silent reflections of the badness of one particular sheet that is covered with images for jesus-related tattoos.

"i'm sorry?" i respond, not quite hearing over the music.

he gestures at the wall, and then at his arm. "TATTOOS. do you have any?" i nod my head to the negative, and he pullls out a photo album full of work that his boss has done.

i realized recently that i haven't been off campus in more then four weeks except to buy food and to see kate for lost on wednesday nights. so when tuesday turned to me in the middle of reason and rev yesterday and told me that we needed to go shopping, i completely agreed with her. after getting some vegetables at the fresh fruit company, i met up with her in the hums lounge and we hopped on the number seven to go downtown.

tuseday needed a new nose ring, so stop number one was the tattoo shop right beside the rideau centre. once she had it put in, we went searching for stockings. there's a store in the mall that is entirely for leggings. flashy, fashinable and extremely overpriced leggings. i abandonded all thoughts of purchase when i saw the prices. i mean, twenty six dollars for stockings? my god- i could buy two cds for that price!

instead, we went to sears where i found hot hot hot pink leggings for twelve dollars. i also picked up some vertically stripped one and a more fashinable and subtle green and grey pair.

so now, not only do i carry a sock monkey around in my purse, but i also dash around campus in hot pink leggings. i think i might be on to something here.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

or maybe youve just lost the plot?



Blogger meg said...

andre- i've lost much more than the plot. and it's been gone for a loooooooong time.



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