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Monday, November 15, 2004

hiding in the dark, hiding in the street

robin slides dangerously to the left on her ball and i curl into the fetal position, balanced on my knees, unable to keep looking at the highly entertaining picture that fills the computer screen in front of us.

"look!" robin gasps, her hand flying unceremoniously towards the screen, laughter dancing in every word. "where's the water coming from?"

after working all weekend on the roman civ essay which was affirmed by robin to be entirely boring, it was edited majestically and then tossed aside from some quality music and picture hunting. after our xmen night, it seems robin and i have a wee bit of an obsession on hugh jackman.

[i still maintain that he needed to take his shit off more often, but the tank top was still good. pardon me whill i drool over collarbones and shoulders for a while. errrmm...what was i saying? no really. what was i saying? oh..... yeah.]

the picture in general was an awful photoshopped deal wherein someone had taken this really funky picture of a man on a beach and added hugh jackman's head to the equation. problem was, the head was a little too small and there was far too much random computer generated water splashing everywhere. hysterics ensued after careful examination of this traversty.

anyways, we have decided that we're going to have a hugh jackman marathon.

somehow, i have the feeling that i'm going to be suckered into watching van helsing again. i'm shaking with thoughts of how bad it's going to be, but we all know that as soon as trustworthy one-liner hugh exclaims who's hunting whom? i'll be sucked in, memeorizing other lines in order to feed my scattered trove of collected movie lines.

have i mentioned that i was dorky before dork was cool?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Megs, you ARE the coolest and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. And just because your essay was boring doesn't meant that it wasn't fantastic! Remember that the root of boring is 'bor' which is the furture indicative deponent/passive. Therefore, boring = future greatness and although your sentences may look passive, they're all actually in the active voice. No who sounds dorky?! ;)

I'm all about the Hugh Jackman marathon, as well you know. But, yo've yet to convince me that Van Helsing is not going to be scary. Jackman's not worth sleepless nights. Or is he?

Your subterranian Rainbow Speckled Newt.


Blogger megs said...

condusive to sweet dreams sidekick...condusive to sweet SWEET dreams.



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