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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

take my hand, you know i'll be there

i returned to the place where it all began tonight [read: fourth stormont] to deliver a taped roman civ lecture and a handout pertaining to the exam that's on a SATURDAY [what kind of world do we live in where exams are on a saturday?] to faara.

strangely, she lives in the room that adjoined mine and kate's last year. [home of scary caitlin who would lock us out of the bathroom in order to have sex with her boyfriend. i never really understood why she had to lock OUR bathroom door, i mean, what, were we going somehow use it to unlock her door?] anyways, i of course just walked in like nobody's business and instantly relived many majestic moments from first year. the manwall, the coffee-maker soup, don jean the french mexican, all nighters [almost] in november, movies, pistachios, craning and bobby.

bobby lived in the room below ours. bobby was pretty popular with the ladies and really enjoyed smoking weed. on some occasions, music from bobby [it was usually darude] would drift up to our room at three am and we'd have to counter with something horribly embarassing, like wild cherry or patrick swayze. on other occasions we'd hear troupes of ladies stumbling down on the ground, ending with a general chorus of "BOBBBBBBBBBBBBBYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" and girlish giggling.

thank god no one had to live above kate and i. that would have been a nightmare.

however, i wonder how the neighbours in leeds are fairing both above and below [now that i know one, sort of]. i can imagine it now- random thuds when i fall over for no reason other than to do it. chair scraping noises at weird hours. strange bass lines that match christina aguilera songs. if our door were open and sound could travel exceptionally well, you'd hear random curses, the biggest hodgepodge of music ever, vegetables being chopped and random animal combination noises.

we must sound like an insane asylum. go us!


Blogger Katy said...

don't forget about greg leaving random articles of clothing in our room, the cookie fairy, BIIIILLLEEEHHH!! and the girlie scream at the head in the dryer!!



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