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Thursday, November 18, 2004

little sister, don't you worry about a thing today

three things made my life today.

number one: extremely good coffee this morning. i stumbled from my room, waving at anna and asked ashley if i could use her coffee, because i thought i had none left. [i did, but i used hers anyways because i honestly thought at that point i didn't. the discovery of my own coffee came when i told ahely that i had lost my nuts. soup nearly came out of her nose. heh]. anyways, the resulting mug of coffee i had before stumbling off to class was so good. like, so so SO good it's not even describable. maybe i have a problem with caffeine?

number two: my hot hot hot pink leggings. really. they made my day. but it was kind of freaky having people stare at my legs incessantly. and i was also told that my fashion looked un-coordinated, but whatever. i love them and think that the purchase of more wildly coloured tights is in the near future.

number three: the affirmation that i'm a solid B student this year. last year, i was all cool because i was the solid A- girl, but i dropped my expectations [and thus lowered my stress levels tenfold] and have realized that B is good. it's not the best, but it's still good.


anyways, tonight is shopping night, but first i have to clean up my room because really, it's starting to gross me out. and that's bad news man, because it takes a lot to gross me out. [i think the ultimate gross out was that time i stuck my arm into a vacpac bag in the fish shop that had rotten fish in it. i couldn't get the smell off of my arm for two days. ewww. thinking about it makes me feel ill. have you ever really smelled a rotten fish? like, really smelled it? and how about having your arm covered in fish flesh that has broken down into slime? yeah. i TOLD you it takes a lot to gross me out].


Blogger anonymouse said...

one more reason that life is good: bono and the edge were great today singing live at the clinton library dedication on cnn. how hard must it have been for bono not to call dubya a "fookin' liar" on live national, american television?


Blogger megs said...

i'm always admirable of bono's quick ability to change lyrics to suit a situation. he was stellar for that at this wee perfomance [i'll even forgive him for almost singing the wrong verse at the beginning of sunday bloody sunday].

the hands that built america- i must say i'm slightly shocked at how much better it sounds live. not one of my favourites, but...well. it's got more america in it than all of rattle and hum combined does, so we'll forgive edge and bono for singing it.

ps- don't get me really started or else i'll never shut up.



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