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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

and it's you when i look in the mirror

i'm hiding in my bed.

when i was little, i used to hide in my bed a lot. sometimes it was from my siblings. sometimes it was from my dad. sometimes it was from the monsters i just knew were in the closet. sometimes it was not really hiding, it was just me, in my bed.

i spent a good three hours in my bed today. my feet, clad in their socks, rustled strangely in the sheets. my shirt rasped when it came in contact with the heavy and ugly pink wool blanket that hides under my bedspread. the clips in my hair dug into the back of my head, biting at my scalp. the air was warm and stuffy. [i had the blankets over my head, in case you were wondering].

i'm not sure what i was hiding from this time. regardless, after three hours of immersion in my thoughts and hiding under three blankets, i emerge like some creature from the swamp and finally decide to maybe eat something.

"umm..wasn't class supposed to happen in there somewhere mate?" ah yes. the vox makes a valid and quite important point. class. that dirty five lettered word that i just couldn't physically get out of my bed for. i'm going to hell. turn the flames up a little higher.

after a meal of chicken, rice, pepper and celery [meh] i plop down with aristotle. but i'm distracted. i'm in bed again, and slowly, i begin to sneak my way under the covers again. i feel the suction of that stuffy nothingness begging to be explored.

luckily, right at that moment, anna comes dashing in and needs relationship help. yet another man is quite enamoured with her [she's a fox- a stone cold fox i tell you!] but alas for him, he's just a friend to her.

"tell him your friendship with him is too precious to risk, to lose even." i suggest when she asks for advice. she heads back to her room. "or maybe tell him that dity four letter word to him. you know- kyle!" i call after her.

she yells back that i'm an evvvviiilllllll person, and the first true laugh of the day escapes me.

i told you tomorrow would be better.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

circumstances suck... there's something i wanted to say but i forgot... there's something i wanted to say but you wouldnt care...


Blogger Heather said...

[random off topic comment post that only Meg will understand]

Chapter 38 was crap. CRAAAAAAAP! I mean, what the eff? What a shitty gift. So effing lame! A box of effing cds? Goddamn it I'm disappointed. Then again, it is Sal's, and therefore I should expect lameness.


[/random off topic comment post that only Meg will understand]



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