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Saturday, November 20, 2004

we'll spend the night together, wake up and live forever

emily looks at me gesticulating in a clear manner for me to stop. "your laugh is KILLING me!" she manages to gasp out after a few minutes.

last night i left campus [second time in one week- this might be a record for the month of november people!] to go and see garden state and napoleon dynamite at the mayfair, this awesome theatre down the road that shows double bills for the low low price of nine dollars.

the movies were simply fantastic. like, fantastic to the point where they moved me behind my cockles and a little to the right. my sides were hurting this morning when i woke up because i laughed so much. i can't emphasize how majestic these films were- if you can go and see them, do it, as i can guarantee you'll not regret it. [a little product pimping. oh yeah.]

in other news, i'm convinced that professor macissaac thinks there's something horribly worng with me and that i am possibly mentally instable after my impression of a godzilla-like monster [complete with hands as claws and loud arrrgghhh noises] meets an opera singer in front of him the other day.

[the opera singer parts stems from the fact that i discovered that there's a film adaption of andrew lloyd webber's phantom of the opera coming out at christmas. would i be showing my geek too much if i professed my extreme excitment over this? when i went to see the production in toronto in grade seven it made me cry. yeah. i loved it that much. sssshh- i can hear you all ridiculing me from here- JUST BECAUSE A CHANDELIER MADE ME CRY! bah.]


Blogger Katy said...

Tina, ya fat lard! come and get your dinner!!
*hits llama in the face with food*



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