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Monday, November 22, 2004

sweetheart you're so cruel

when my eyes crack open, i can tell immediately it's going to be one of those days.

sometimes, i don't want to see the world. sometimes, i want to hole up in my bed with my battered copy of lord of the rings, stick achtung baby on repeat, eat random crunchy foods and have absolutely zero contact with the human race. i don't want to talk to people, i don't want to pretend to be interested and i most certainly don't want to be involved with any activity that involves effort-ing. [i know that's not a word, but suck it up, ok?]

here's my apology in advance if i see you and you feel as if your soul has been shrivelled and that you've perhaps met satan incarnated, because i always force myself out and about.

spread the joy.

[don't worry- i'll feel better tommorrow.]


Blogger anonymouse said...

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Blogger anonymouse said...

musings on your trek confessions have me watching st:tng at 2 in the afternoon. its the one where riker's father is on-board and riker has to decide if hes taking a command of his own vessel. they engage in a near-apocalyptic jujitsu battle with giant pummels. and also, the anniversery of worf's ascension is approaching and we see just how smart young crusher is and they arrange some ceremony for worf. two things occurred to me. 1) worf is really scary. he says things like "the bile of the vanquished flows over my hands". thats just way too intense. 2) wussley gets a bad reputation for no reason. hes one of the smartest people there and hes always fixing little problems with his own imagination. i think being an ensign would be an amazing job.

haha... thats funny.


Blogger Katy said...

i will very veeeeeeeery secretly admitt that i've seen that episode, along with almost all the other episodes and know exactly what you're talking about. OH GAWD!! 10 years of my dorky brothers' obsessions with sci-fi just came rushing back!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

There's no doubt that wussley is smart and gets shit done. Me argument against him is thus: He's far too keen about his job. He's a teenager! He's the kind of kid that takes star trek too far and encroaches on Nerd territory - not good. He's also helpless with the ladies! All these hot chicks want to get with (lord knows why) and he just wuss out or transformings into some sort of transcendental being all the time. I mean, whats up with that? Furthermore, he has NO friends his own age. It's isn't healthy. But why "wuss"? It's because he never stands up for himself!


Blogger anonymouse said...

sure he's keen, but can that really be seen as a bad thing? look what he's done and all the things he has accomplished at such a young age. he is a throwback to a time when youth were eager to learn and excel. not this complacency thats drowning us now. he's a renaissance man with ideals. and sure, for those ideals he sacrfices a lot but when you look at what other people sacrificed he isnt really giving up a lot. he's like che guevara, only he's not leading a revolution from without, but from within. besides, he's too cool to get with some of those ladies that want to get with him. he has a greater destiny to fulfill.



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