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Monday, November 29, 2004

snap back to reality

reason number six hundred and eight three that i am certifiably a weirdo:

this morning robin greeted me with a miniature coffee cake with a dollop of hard caramel on top. because i had just brushed my teeth, i slipped it into my coat pocket for later consumption. read: during the break in latin class. however, i promptly and swiftly forgot about said bite of sweetness and only remembered as i stepped from the class room at the end of the class.

"woah!" i exclaim, holding the cake in my hands. "manna from my pocket!"

that's not what makes me a weirdo though. [ok, well maybe. but it's the perception people have of me as weird that i'm talking about here. besdies, it's not that weird to have food in your pocket, is it?] you see, our latin classroom is in the same wing of paterson hall as most of the offices for my professot. infact, macisaac's door is directly across from the door to our classroom. seeing me pull the cake from my pocket caused his face to erupt in a look of consternation and slight confusion, but when i started eating it, mumbling about pocket food, he looked at me as if i were possibly some sort of foreign entity.

i think maybe next week i'll try pocket cheese or something and see what happens. heh. weirdo.


Blogger Katy said...

poor macisaac!! the guy just needs to stop worrying and wondering about you and all that goes on when you're around.


Blogger anonymouse said...

weird events seem to follow you around. is it your involvement that makes them so bizarre, or are you a magnet for odd occurences? i thought maybe it could just be a case of you being in the right place at the wrong time, but then you mentioned pocket food. i used to go to school with a kid who carried open twinkies in his pockets and would produce one for his consumption at the most unfortunate times. such as, during the national anthem or, in the middle of a test. needless to say, he didnt have many friends. but at least the ones he did have could look past his obsession and see the good in him. then again, he never did carry around sock monkeys.


Blogger megs said...

i'm pretty sure that i'm the cause of the events... but really, it's just me being me. and where else was i supposed to keep the coffee cake?



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