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Sunday, November 28, 2004

come up to meet you

man, sometimes my majesty even astounds myself.

i know, that sounds so self serving. you're picturing me reclining on some couch being gently fanned with massive feathers and being fed grapes by wolverine and aragorn, aren't you? well- my majesty isn't such...yet. but in the mean time, i've impressed myself.

yesterday i pumped it out and produced the aristotle essay in a mere four hours. [read: super quick for megs, the slowest essay writer ever]. anyways, i went down to leslie's for dinner, which was actually a full scale turkey meal. like- random turkey dinner might possibly be the happiest thing ever. anyways, after such a massive good meal i woke up with a jonsing for mom-food.

i'm not a mom, so i can't make mom food....or so i thought.

tonight i made stew. yeah- carrots and beef and celery and potatos and thick broth/gravy stew. i even made biscuits [as in tea, not the british kind] to eat with the stew, and they were warm when we ate the stew.

i told you i was majestic.

[now, i wonder what i have to do to get that whole feather breeze and grapes from wolverine and aragorn thing going on?]


Blogger Heather said...

You've always been majestic, twinkle tits.

[beef stew makes me want to ralf]


Blogger Katy said...

but were you wearing underpants??


Blogger megs said...

twunkle tits and questions about the state of my underpants.

it appears that i've certainly made a deep impression on the both of you. ta very much mates...hee hee hee.



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