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Saturday, December 04, 2004

never listen

tuesday looks at the waiter, her mouth curling up in a grin. "the cheesecake. the one which has chocloate involved...you know?" we gape at him and he smiles and walks away as we crack up.

i initially intended to go out and buy something nice to wear out to barrymore's tomorrow. however, i felt scrooged and cheap, so i instead asked to borrow a top from my bubble so that i could save money and time.

the money part worked- not so sure about the time, but it was time well spent.

after trucking off to tuesday's house- which took for-freaking-ever because i missed the otrain by milliseconds [read: my hand was out to press the button that opened the door when it started to pull away] and then the bus [it was eight feet from me damnit!]- we had a dress up party in her room and i tried on most of her shirts. my bubble has an amazing wardrobe and a massive-good taste in clothes, so it was super fun. eventually we decided on a pink tank top and a white lacy top to wear over that. it was apparently a favourite in the wardrobe during highschool- i think she should wear it more often.

anyways, we decided on a whim that we should go downtown to chapters to look at books, which we did after perusing the gap and other stores. i got some christmas ideas and even managed to refrain from spending any money on myself. damn gap and their lovely bottom pieces.

[and damn my bottom for not fitting into said lovely pieces].

then- we decided to stroll through the market. passing a restaurant, we discovered simultaneously that we were both very hungry. we stepped into a few places, but they all had waits so we went into zak's diner.

this place is simply stellar. i've always heard people talking about it, and i must say that it really was a blast, even if it was slightly pricy. we slid into a turquoise-vinyl-seat booth, surrounded by fifties advertisments and proceeded to gorge ourselve on burgers and fries. [man- i haven't had burger and fry dinner since like august- was it ever good. melikes the dead cow, a lot].

then- dessert. like i needed it. but we decided to split a piece of cheesecake. tuesday even gave me her cherry from the top of it. [yeah- we made dirty sexual jokes. need you ask?] we talked about everything under the sun [read: boys and all things related to boys and the boys in our program] and had an all round good time.

we then proceeded to the rideau centre where i looked at plenty of things that i wanted but bought naught, and then went our separate ways to our respective homes.

man, i feel like an over stuffed ham. but a happy over-stuffed ham.


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