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Saturday, December 04, 2004

don't nobody know my troubles but god

i know i admit it perodically, but i think it's time to bring it up again.

i have a problem. two problems actually.

number one comes in the form of a boiled black liquid strained through a variety of ground up beans. add a drop of milk and just a hint of sugar and i might possibly believe that i'm in heaven. the problem s not that i consume this nectar- it's more the amount that i consume. i was doing well- one cup in the morning. and then it turned to two, and then three. now it's three cups in the morng, a mug shortly after noon and another cup or two around four in the afternoon.

can we get an intervention in here?

problem number two comes in the form of squishy goodness and warmth. [that sounds kinda... oh never mind]. i like my bed. no, i mean i really like my bed. at night i open my window so my room gets deliciously cold and i snuggle in in my oh-so-classy [read: ugly] night clothes and sleep. and sleep and sleep and sleep. if it were allowable, i'd stay in bed all day with cold air blowing in my window.

with coffe though. would definately have to have coffee.


Blogger melissa... said...

no intervention.
coffee + cold air + bed = goodness.
coffee + x variable = goodness
coffee = goodness.

no intervention!

[ps, i love that you protested. i'm so proud!]


Blogger James said...

Your arguemnt isn't good.

what if 'x variable' was 'death of foul fur beasty'?
That would mean that coffee + death of foul fur beasty = goodness
Although i agree that coffee = goodness, I do not think that death of foul fur beasty = goodness.
Besides, you cannot derive that coffee = goodness because you left out the x variable. The goodness comes from coffee AND something else. I say cut out to x variable altogether and just say
"COFFEE = GOODNESS" as you're entire argument. Who can argue with that?

Alright, back to that Philosophy Paper


Blogger Katy said...

people at uni think too much!
just drink the coffee and quite all the thinking


Blogger megs said...

as much as i wish it were, drinking coffee is not goodness. i mean, it's not the good life, because the good life is the happy life, and the happiest life is the life of contemplation wherein that is all a man will do.

drinking coffee is a desire, a passion. when you give in to desires and passions, when you act according to your desires and passions, you're not contemplating anymore. you're being driven by desire. you're not contemplating, you're acting.

i guess i'm never going to be *truly* happy- i like giving in to my desire for coffee.



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