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Friday, December 17, 2004

don't let it bring you down, it's only castles buring

the scary octranspo lady looks at me, her left eyebrow raised and her hand near her hip, resting on the butt of her scary assed clubbing tool. "i'm sorry ma'am, you're going to have to get off of the train."

i smile and my eyes slide shut.

i went on a mission after my oral humanties exam to get kelly's christmas present. [let me interject here with a "yes i am aware that some of you are going to make jokes about that" note. i mean the oral exam. you're going to make some crack about me, macisaac and laird, and the true meaning of pocketfood aren't you? or.... ermmm... maybe not? maybe it's just me?] anyways, i needed to take the otrain to bayview and when i went to buy my ticket, the ticket dispenser ate my two dollars. grumbling and cursing under my breath, i stuck another two dollars in, which proceeded to jam, registering as paid, but without dispensing my ticket. so i stuck in yet another two dollars, which proceeded to fall through the machine repeatedly.

and then the train was there, so i stepped on, figuring that i'd be ok.

except of course they're checking tickets, and when they get to me, they ask me to get off. so i do, and the lady is angry, and i look like a total reject when i put my two dollars into the machine at this stop and it works.

of course, i miss the bus i am trying to connect to, and end up just getting on the train and coming home.

the one bonus was that the other person who was pulled off of the train and actually ticketed was a hot individual of the male variety who kept my eyes occupied for the entirety of the forty minutes the whole ordeal wasted.


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