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Sunday, December 19, 2004

one more step to the top of the city

i like to sleep with my window open.

i like it when i'm nestled in my bed and the blankets are heavy on me and i have to pull them up to cover my ears, or even right over my head [with a space for my mouth to breathe the frsh air- i hate having to breathe under the blankets. it weirds me out]. i like feeling the cold air wash over my nose and mouth, and i like the way it's hard to get up from my bed in the morning.

i might have taken the cold-room thing a little to far though- last night on my desk there was a mug with some left over coffee in the bottom from yesterday. when i got up this morning, i grabbed the mug to use again today.

the coffee in the bottom was fozen solid.


Blogger James said...

Coffee popsicle, eh? I think you might be on to something...


Blogger megs said...

ssssssh- don't tell anyone but i totally licked it. it was super good too. i know...EWWWWWW unsanitary blah blah blah.



Blogger James said...

patent it, quick! Call it a cofsicle.



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