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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

damn you've got some wicked style

i wish i could get some creepy music or something to accompany this post- you know, the kind that just screams "ye gawds...it's alive! IT'S ALIVE!!" but then i'm never very impressed with music on web logs. it usually brings out the kill kill kill instinct in me.

so.....christmas? not in the ultimate top five but certainly it was wonderful. i think though, that there's just too much to recount so here's some interesting highlights- call me up if you want the details.

not making it home on schedule. being in a teen horror flick with ayshia and james in the UTSC parking lot. napolean dynomite. extra bedding. growling cats. tinsel christmas trees and falling evergreens. eva bunny licking my fingers. chocolate. giant vats of coffee every morning...mmmmmmmmm. cookies. bacon. loads and loads of bacon. pancakes. FIVE [count 'em FIVE] christmases. john wayne [ugh]. chocolate again. lard cat. mom singing gwen stefani and dancing like and egyptian. feather bed imprints. sow storms. bono. even more chocolate. sledding with the family on hristmas day night. intense hours of sleeping. really gross head spinning feeling. peach dessert wine. massive thawing and plaing in the puddles with mom and kally. twenty six people in my house at one time on two separate occasions within five days. star wars. nine and a half hours of televsion following fourteen and a half hours of sleeping. even more chcolate yet again. re-gifting. more u2. and more bono. actually washing my pants [there's a good story there...heh]. seventies man coat LIKE A STONE COLD FOX. beautiful presents. chocolate. travel travel and more travel.

[and that's just off the top of my head without really thinking].

and otherwise randomly, i need to admit that i am loving the gwen stefani dance music. i had to dance around my room in my underpants this morning because it was that good.

man, i missed dancing in my underpants.


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"because i ain't no holla back girl"



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