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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

all you need is love

robin looks at me, her hands splayed out in front of her.

"i'm not sure if i should tell you this." she begins. we're talking about how i want to go to new york again in the spring.

"my dad has a business trip coming up." she pauses, and then adds "in nairobi."

i think i should maybe mention here and now that when i am done school, the first thing i am going to do is go to africa. i don't know how or where or what this will involve, but i have dreams about it. it hurts to look at pictures of places like kenya for me because it feels like i'm homesick or something- i can see it in my head, and feel it without having ever been there.

robin continues. "nothing is established yet at all for sure, but mom and dad are going to go on a safari. and i think that you would be more then welcome to come with us."

for a split second there, when i was told this, i thought i was going to be sick. like, honestly. just up-chuck all the mac and cheese i had just inhaled. robin and i spend the next few moments contemplating this, and then we talk and talk and talk about other things, with intermittant bursts of me, yelling "SAFARI!"



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Oh Meaghan...you, me, and the lions and zebras and remarks about silly Jean Baptiste Lamark whenever we see a giraffe. My god. I could be sick, too.



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