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Thursday, January 13, 2005

here we are now

robin calls me, comes up and we talk.

i fear that i may be coming across as slightly disconnected or perhaps very detached because my brain hasn't been fully functionsing for most of the day. i feel like a rubber chicken.

she asks me if she can use my computer for a moment- but that it's a secret and i can't look. [small side note here- whenever i put a cd on with kate, no matter what i am doing, i always turn to her and nearly shout "don't look don't look it's a secret don't look!" so i am secretly amused at being at the other end of the it's-a-secret-don't-look bit. anyways].

she draws me a picture with a lion, and a zebra, a giraffee and a gazelle, with text in the font of willy wonka in the middle that reads: hey megs, what are you doing between may ninth and thirteenth.... and maybe an extra seven days? and do you mind stopping in switzerland?

robin makes a list of her all time ultimate top five things to do in africa. i start making one in my head. and then i'm like, who needs a list? just the prospect of maybe-possibly going is more than any ultimate top five moment i've ever experienced in my life.

we spent two hours looking at safaris. heh.


Blogger melissa... said...

um, kinda excited for you -- scratch that -- UBER excited for you! hehe

dude. africa!



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