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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

don't you worry

ashley and i are sitting at the table. talking about cursive writing, house alarm systems and the power of my doodle, which is apparently cohesive yet very random.

the lights suddenly flick, and ashley and i look at each other. "did you just..??" i start to ask, but i can see the affrimative answer in her face already. we ignore it for a few more minutes until a large rumbling sound rolls in the distance. i assume it's the vaccuum claner going down the hall, or maybe snow removal outside.

and then my phone rings, and it's robin from downstairs. her voice rings up the one story and across the hall- i can see her in her room, probably bouncing a bit- "DO YOU REALIZE," she booms "we're having a THUNDER AND LIGHTENING storm?"

it's ottawa. it's january. the temperature here in the winter can get as low as negative forty centigrade and does on a regular basis. and yet here and now it's pouring outside, with lightening flashing and thunder rolling across the ares.

god i fucking love this place.


Blogger Heather said...

Apparently it was happening back home, too. My mummy called me tonight to ask if we'd had it.


Blogger Saroja said...

*excitement* Thunder/Lightening! Who could ask for more excitment on a boring Jan. Weednesday night?! I love Ottawa, to. I forgive it for not having mountains. I love Megs, too. Megs is SO special she does't even need mountains, she is the goddess of all things fishy and open waters. SCOOT!



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