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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

a grey moon on the rise

i've been thinking a lot about communities lately.

it might be because of what i'm reading, or because of what i'm experiencing. or maybe it's because of who i've been talking to, the music i've engaged. regardless, i've been thinking about communities. i like how communities can be spontaneously created through a shared event. my favourite place for this to happen is on public transit.

normally, on city busses, no one looks you in the eye. everyone half smiles, nods, shuffles out of the way, and leaves little to no lasting impression. however, toss in a holiday, a snowstorm, a bus driver who does nothing but joke about getting close- it is after all, a holiday of love and we are, after all, young and able bodied students, the willingness of everyone to laugh out loud with each other, and a normally solitary bus becomes a group of people united.

this is what happened tonight.

it was astounding. and i wish it could happen every day.


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