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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

brother, brother, far too many of you dying

even though the feast of saint valentine is tomorrow, my roommates and i celebrated it this evening, in style no less.

kate made heart shaped biscuits. i made a heart shaped cake with hot pink icing that really was more than amazing, and heart shaped love-meat, and anna brought a busy busy busy heart out of a hermit state to join in. there was ice cream [which we store outside because it's colder than out freezer], a sprinkle of wine, red food dye [i made kate snort tea out of her nose in connection with said dye- so many points!], rice, steamed broccoli and tea everywhere. near the end, morgen came in with a burger and from there thigs slid into debate and conversation and curled mouths and emotive hands.

it's now nine o'clock. i've had an entire day and have yet to even begin reviewing my notes for my midterm tomorrow.

living seems to have taken precedence over life this day.

and i can't be arsed to care.


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