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Saturday, February 10, 2007

yeah, a tunnel, from my window to yours

i spent the majority of yesterday in bed.

oh, not that that is anything new, i know. i just feel like maybe i should once again get a handle on this bed thing. as i gravitate toward its softness, its solitariness, its security, i find myself disconnecting with the outside social world. instead of focusing on the realm of out there, i think more about in here, about me in an extrmely limited sphere. this simply will not do.

however, in defense, my bed really is quite spectacular.

in other random news, i seem to be limited musicaly lately as well. everywhere i go, i am followed by the sounds of achtung, baby! and peter gabriel and chirs martin. again, i'm not sure if this is good or bad. it's familiar, that's for sure.

i need to make a lemon cake.

i'm going to watch battlestar gallactica.

i think i've gone and done it again.


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