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Monday, February 05, 2007

oh i beg, i'm begging please

so i made the best/worst decision ever and downloaded an n64 emulator to play mostly mario kart and some diddy kong racing.

it's got me thinking though, of my all time favourite video game moment of life. it's in zelda, ocarina of time. i can't remember the lead up exactly, but link is in the mountain of the gorons and he plays a song for the goron king.

said goron king begins to dance.

i know it might seem weird to take joy from a programmed response, from an event that must happen by necessity in a created world, but, good god, i watched that danmed goron king dance his dance about eighteen million times because it is by far one of the happiest things of video-game life i've ever seen.

if only i could find a copy of it on the internerd!


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