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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

it's just some little thing

i spent the entire afternoon working on maths.

you know, i always kind of envied the brits that extra 's' on the end. here's a subject that crushes many souls, causes many tears, and creates vision searing rage [or maybe just on my case?] and somehow, the british isles manages to make it all so swanky sounding with a single, small, twisty, extra little letter.

anyways, all of my math work was horribly wrong and i was saved in the end once again by the brilliance of robin, who stopped working on organic chemistry to help out with the t.v. electron problem.

shortly thereafter, morgen ripped my hat from my head, i won jeopardy, anna burnt some oil and kate and i played dressup.

i need a new black shirt. and pantyhose.



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