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Saturday, February 03, 2007

it's funny how life can go

two words to sum up last night: drinking game.

what sticks out most in my mind, thought, is the way the wind danced around my pantyhose clad legs and the lights reflected off of spinning snow as peter and i walked to the wine store that is not a liquor store to buy three litres of half-good red wine. what is most clear is the image of a giant group of people, smiling and laughing, cake crumbs and chocolate dipped strawberries rolling and falling haphazadly around the room. what i remember best are the curved smiles and glinting teeth and clapping hands and sock clad feet as people danced around one another, sharing stories and debating over the attractiveness of certain actors in battlestar gallactica.

[that last one really shows how geeky we all are. and despite what the girls say, i will never love gaius balthar. never]

i woke up this morning to the voice of thomas edison speaking on the radio.

i have no set plans and a million and one things to do. days like this are my favourite kind.


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