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Sunday, December 10, 2006

as you walk on by, when you call my name

i was right.

the past week has been absou-freaking-loutely wild. however, i think it may end with a bang as there are plans tonight that include pizza, beer [or wine if you're me], bubbles, eighties music, dancing, AND purple lace.

again, that last one is all me.

i'm finding it easier to be all me. we joke about things stealing our soul a lot around here. and yes, fifteen pages of german idealism does steal your soul. but i think, really, the soul stealing of last year as a whole for me really went deeper and longer and was harder than anthing a combination of hegel and nietzsche and heidegger can do to any one person, even when jammed into a mere forty eight hours.

so tonight, i'm going to smile till my teeth hurt.

because i think i finally got my soul back.


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