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Thursday, November 23, 2006

i'll give you five fingers for a one man show

so, i always take the exact same path to and from school when i walk.

i understand that this heightens the statistical chance of my being mugged/raped/attacked, but i've become accustomed to the streets that i follow, and it seems to be a fairly quick route. i make it even quicker when i turn ipodicus up to extreme levels and play the game of walking to the beat of the crappy tecno i almost always end up listening to.

problem is, i also like to sing.

and sometimes, when it's dark out and i'm tramping along a few lines escape me.

and there's ALWAYS someone right behind me. without me realizing of course. and, to further add to the horrificness of it all [because if you think me singing when you can hear the music is bad...well, let's just say you ain't heard nothing yet] said soemone is always totally dreamy.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey, no need to apologise for falling off the commentwagon. i have hardly left a grubby pawprint on the net for ages.

when my poddy and i get the bus to work, i always shoulder dance and mouth along to the songs but sometimes the words just come right out. so far, nobody has moved seats when i sing out loud but it will happen one day, i'm sure :)



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