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Sunday, November 12, 2006

you know i love you, yeah.

leslie bought me the new justin timberlake cd.

and i'm horribly ashamed to admit it, but i genuinely like it. and it's not even just a meh like. it's the kind of like where you slip the cd into the player and then, when the album ends, you walk back over and press play again!

oh god. oooooooh god.

i promise i'll play some led zeppelin or somethign this afternoon, ok?


Blogger Zach Stockill said...

"Rock Your Body" has been one of Zotch's guilty pleasures since it first came out. At Sarstock in TO a few years back, while everyone was throwing water bottles at him and all the AC/DC fans were acting like they hated his guts, I quietly sang along and danced by myself...

See? I've always been cool.



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