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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

backwards and forwards with my heart hanging out

monday last was a magical day.

[as an aside- which, i've noticed, have occured quite a bit in my ramblings. and is it just me, or did i just aside an aside twice? anyways, i've been trying to tell the world why last monday was so magical since monday evening and for some reason have been unable. i'm not sure why....]

i woke up to blue sky that hurt my teeth, had double coffee and then made it to school listening to a u2 mix that may or may not be directly related to their new singles collection due out at the end of november. lecture was- despite being neitzsche- more than bearable. then, i spent the next hour outside with coffee in the quad visiting with laura hay, whom i haven't seen is a dog's age.

[i'm tempted to have an aside about what in hellfire a dog's age is. afterall, all these asides merely amount to the inner dialogue of the vox].

after discussion, which may have been the best one yet, i walked home in the setting sun wearing no coat and a woolen scarf that smelled of winter. three blocks from home, i ran into a bigger part of home in the form of owen.

it was unplanned, but i'd been wondering if maybe i'd run into him at the bus station walking home since i knew he was coming to ottawa. i did, and it added a bit of sparkle. then, after talking nonsense and making maybe plans for thursday night, i proceeded to my house, ate chili and had a five hour long visit with kate ramer [yessssssssssss!] which culminated in the celebration of kate s.'s birthday with the afore-mentioned kate r, kyle o'keeffe, anna, morgen and i. [and yes, of course kate s. it's impossible to have a birthday party without a birthday person]. the festivities were complimented with chocolate mousse angel food cake and homemade wine- supplemented upon morgen's arrival with brioche-type pastries.

today was just as magical- breakfast with tuesday, oatmeal cookies, amazing art and people cackling.

well, mostly me cackling, but maybe we can look past that.


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