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Sunday, November 05, 2006

oh no what's this? a spiderweb and i'm caught in the middle

a few weeks ago, i bought myself some antique sterling silver and moonstone earrings.

they're quite simple, teardrop shaped with five circles of moonstone across the bottom. the marking on them resembles the mark on a pair of elliptical earrings that i picked up at the wiarton sally-anne for five cents that also turned out to be semi-antique and one hundred percent sterling silver.

unfortunately, the moonstone earrings have a tendancy to catch on my scarf and slip from my ear. this happened the other day while i was out shopping for foodstuffs with anna.

needless to say, i was quite disappointed. i retraced my steps as much as i could, but ended up seeing nothing except a startling number of cigarette butts and spittle stains.

[as an aside from my oh-so-intriguing earring story- what the hell is with people and spitting? seriously. i can't go anywhere without seeing people hacking up lungs and strange green things from the back of their throats. and i honestly see saliva strewn across every surface i walk on. i think, though, maybe it's just me, because really, who notices spit on the sidewalk? anyways]

i tried to reconcile myself to the loss of my earring. i know, i know- it's just a piece of metal with stones that hang from my ear. but i reaaaaaly liked said earring. and then, after thinking about it some more, i decided it was ok to want it back. i don't buy pretty sparkly things for myself very often, and when it's an antique pretty sparkly thing that i'm willing to spend some money on, well, i think it's ok to be slightly petulant concerning such a loss.

so before i went to bed, i told the world that i'd like my damned earring back, if it could be managed.

this afternoon, in the middle of one of the worst attacks of procrastination i've had yet this year, kate came in from a brief shopping trip to herb and spice. the cold outside had turned her cheeks a merry colour of pink, and her glasses fogged up just a little as she stepped into our home.

eyes sparkling, she declares that she has a present for me. i'm told to hold out my hand, and close my eyes. in a few seconds an icy cold, rounded teardrop shaped object drops into the centre of my palm.

i don't have to look to know what it is.

thank you world.


Blogger Heather said...

No, I notice all the spitting too. It's vile. I've been trying to train Bellan not to do it, but he still does it once and awhile. Apparently sometimes you just don't want to swallow things. Er, that didn't come out right...



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