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Sunday, October 22, 2006

one day you're waiting for the sky to fall

yesterday morning i woke up with the worst hangover i have had since the morning after my nineteenth birthday.

[my nineteenth, by the way, has created in me a permanent aversion to raspberry flavoured vodka. i shudder at the mention of it, cringe at the sight of the bottle and actually feel slightly nauseous when i smell it. sadly, i'm not the only casuality from my birthday- kate will never ever again imbibe in the raspberry tinged jet fuled either].

anyways, basically i felt like death. i watched my official hangover movie [the x-files- go ahead and snicker, i KNOW you want to] and then, well, i watched more tv because moving hurt.

i was supposed to go to a potluck at peter's, i was slowly working towards making food, wondering if i showed up with three litres of water if that would count when, out of the blue, i was essentially kidnapped by the plans of zach.

bruce cockburn. eight o'clcok. national arts center.

i think we won for youngest pair in the NAC in our section.

ten points!


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