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Sunday, October 01, 2006

and you act so deaf so blind

my coffee maker died this morning.

it's ok, i'm ok, everything is OK. i am genius with a strainer and boiling water. however, given the state of our strainers, i didn't want to spend the next four hundred mornings huddled over a cup with a strainer in order to get my daily dose of necessary caffeine.

so, after tossing out the old black beast that served me so well over three years- i should write an ode or something- i went to the glebe emporium and bought an overpriced fancy french bodum.

i'm trying to resist the urge to make afternoon coffee just to use said bodum, but i'm finding that my resove is failing. apparently new bodum + temptation of black nectar = too much for my will.

i blame the shiny stainless steel parts.

ooooh, shiny.....


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