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Sunday, September 17, 2006

if you wear that velvet dress

hands down, the best thing about last night was laughing so hard that i saw black spots dance before my eyes and had to put my arms above my head to breathe. this all resulted from justin accosting jeremey and i in the kitchen, demanding that we help him with sock puppets, and then tipping his hat as he made his way back to the living room.

the worst part of the evening? the last glass of wine i had was more horrific than my homemade danger, and i had to dump it down the drain. [i hate wasting wine- it's too good to be dumped unceremoniously down into old pipes and slowly filtered away to the land of liquid waste].

also majestic: stumbling home with kate and watching the second half of indiana jones and the temple of doom while eating homemade coffee cake and drinking the elixer of saint jude. [aka water- it's a bit hard to describe how holy my nalgene is unless you get up close and personal with it].

i think that that movie- and harrison ford- made me realize when i was about eleven that shirtless men are quite fantastic.

now- two hundred pages of reading.

without pants.


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