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Saturday, September 09, 2006

in the white room with black curtains

so, apparently i'm not as evil as i thought.

edmund- you know, that stupid fucking pigeon friend who had pigeon babies- relocated to MY balcony and now has stupid pigeon babies right outside my door! no wonder the hunger cries of the pigeon babies are so goddamned loud in the mornings! aaaarrgghh!

but i don't have the heart to evict them.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

meaghan:[unsure of spellings serves]

thank you for staying chouchwise while trials occured socially.

too for truencies and knowingnals*;
and helping one normalfy and helping ones known self remain, through trusting companials*

*note: addition of -als, as indicative actions from [pragmatic] intention-base of section prior to '-als'


Anonymous Anonymous said...

comment on the last from writer: third word ought be "i", pas "o"



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