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Friday, August 11, 2006

too young to hold on

so, i'm an uber geek. and this is an uber geek post. i apologize in advance.

i watched the x files for every single one of its nine years. up until season eight, i have to admit, you couldn't convince me that it was a bad show. sure, it had it's cheesy moments, but, it was the nineties. i was in grade eight. i liked cheese. and when, in the last two years, things went to shit and duchovny left and you had freakin' john doggett and monica reyes running around trying to be mulder and scully BUT NOT, well, i kept watching because i'd seen every damned episode.

except maybe three. but i knew what happened in them anyways. [krycek loses his arm because the russians think he's part of the experiment, a naked woman jumps on mulder and bites him, the cigarette smoking man is agent spender's father. blah blah blah].

like everyone else, i wasn't surpirsed when scully and mulder eventually had an alien love child. [alien in the sense that when and if the take over of the world happened by the aliens, said love child would be immune to the ever morphing and slightly freakish alien virus that looks like thick molasses, despite being labelled 'black oil']

what i missed to an extent [i'm guessing because i was thirteen], and am enjoying terribly watching the second time around, is the RIDICULOUS amount of unresolved sexual tension between mulder and scully. seriously. it makes me uncomfortable.

no wonder all those other, older uber geeks spent hours and hours on the internet arguing over the pros and cons of spooky and the enigmatic doctor scully finally doing the deed.

not that i know anything about these arguments.



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