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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

you're such a moral, moral man

i just got in from church.

although i was raised catholic, and proceeded to muddle my way through all of the pomp and circumstance of catholicism [including being confirmed] i've always questioned the depths of my belief because at my core, i cannot support the notion of abortion always being wrong, or even consider condoning the idea that abstinance, and abstinance alone, will stop the spread of AIDS in africa.

however, there's some sort of comfort to be had in ritual- especially in a ritual as old as the catholic mass and the profession of faith.

of course, i'm still going to hell regardless, probably more so after today because i only left twenty five cents for the candle i lit under the statue of the virgin for mike when the sign clearly said fifty- i swear to the holy mother i'll leave the proper fifty cents next time, but a brother's got to eat.

[hell, i tell you. HELL]


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