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Friday, September 29, 2006

and i'm going to buy this place is what i said

i'm fighting with robin's computer- as a pc user, i find the mac somewhat difficult. [sssssh- don't tell anyone, but even finding IE was pretty much impossible- i used messenger's link to your mailbox and then went from there. damned foreign shiny sparkly oh-so-pretty apple compie...]

anyways, last night was like a reversion to second year- helloooo leeds sleepover! after forgetting to bring x-men [which we were going to watch in the grand tradition of meg-and-robin sleepovers] we opted for sleep and proceeded to snuggle into the more comforatble-than-hell leeds bed. sweet blessed sleep, however eluded us.

especially with me sitting bolt upright laughing hysterically at the though of first year joe's chalet in the swiss mountainside.

you see, in second year latin class, there were twelve of us. and all of us, save one, were of the female variety. in an attempt to make joe feel less awkward, we started making up stories about who he REALLY was- because no sane boy would have chosen that class with that group of girls. eventually, we decided that he was obviously the heir to the swiss rolex fortune- however, because of some nefraious plot to kill him, he was hiding out at carleton. luckily, though, some of his wealth allowed joe to keep up certain aspects of his former life- hence the chalet in the swiss mountainside.

man, no wonder i got a B- in latin- i was too busy imagining a soap opera involving goats, a swiss fortune, and a mountain chalet to pay attention to cicero.



Blogger Saroja said...

<3 That sleep over saved my life. I hope you come back to snuggle more often, my god no-sex lesbian lover. rawr.


Blogger Saroja said...

Did I say god? Becausse, you ARE a goddess - of the kitchen and all things fishy, to be exact... but you're also good. Very, very good. *winks*



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