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Monday, October 02, 2006

ten times removed i forget about where it all began

i had this dream the other night where i was standing in a field, thigh high in fragrant grasses and closed flowers in the depths of night. a cliff was off in the distance and beyond that stretched the ocean, it's inky surfaced marred only by the reflections of the stars. and then, slowly, three of those stars wavered, caught fire and burned as they fell, dripping down from the blue-black of the sky to the still water below.

i watched in awe and understanding, my feet slowly sinking further into the ground.

but then a fourth star started to colour, started to drip downwards in that same spiral and it terrified me. the grasses around me began to mirror the ocean- frothed up by a wild wind that seemed to sweep down from all directions at once. my feet were tangled in their roots, so i watched from afar, unable to move, tears streaming down my pale face as this star waned and waxed in motion.

just above the water, it stopped.

the whitecaps below it looked like ivory in the black water. and slowly, as if drawing power from that purity, that age old act of water curling and folding in on itself, the star began sprialling again, slowly, inefficently but with a definate drive, back toward the heavens above.

without blinking, i watched its progress as the wind continued to hurl the water on the invisable shore below.

when i awoke, it was to the sound of traffic, light rain, and a tangle of blankets.

i hope it was more than a dream.


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