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Saturday, November 18, 2006

take my tears and that's not nearly all

two things:

i think we've established that i'm a dork. and not just a dork, but a definte doooooork. which is cool, i think. anyways, if i wasn't before, i most definately have to be now, because two days ago, i hopped on the illgal-dowoading bandwagon once more and downloaded the entire first season of the x-files.... for my ipod!

[yes, that noise you just heard was my face being eaten by the power of the dork].

secondly, i am supposed to be writing a paper on tom thomson right this very second. i'd probably do better if i wasn't so effing distracted by just soaking in the paintings. and i'd probably get a lot mroe done if i weren't headed out to a fair-trade craft fair somewhere in the glebe.

oooooooh dear. maybe i should have taken peter up on his offer of partaking in one and a half litres of cheap red wine last night- i think the level of my accomplishment after such an escapade would probably be on par with what i'm going to get done this morning.


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