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Thursday, September 01, 2005

skies so smokey blue-green

cnn is evil, twisted, bullshit-ariffic americanized junk.

and yet i find myself flipping to channel seventeen everytime the television is on just to see. there's something sick in that, something perverse. i feel like i'm watching soembody on their deathbed, or that i'm viewing the first intimate moments between a man and a woman, or the birth of a child. i feel like i'm trespassing for god's sake.

but i flip it on, and am mourning that the garden district and canal street and lafayette cemetary and thousands of lives have been changed or have ended or will never be the same. and i mourn the fact that instead of bringing out the best in people, this disaster seems to have brought out the worst.

human compassion has never felt so far and yet so graspable.

what a strange way to begin september.


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