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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

future's for discovering

kevin looks at me, the low light reflecting and highlighting the sheen which coats his forehead and upper lip and bursts in to laughter at the tears running down my face.

when my mom and stepfather got married, they chose, as their honeymoon, to hike a section of the bruce trail- from the national park down to a small community called dyer's bay. tom, in typical tom fashion, asked a man whom he had just recently met through the business to put him up for the night. robin- nepalese with a kind soul- immediately agreed and a strange business/friendship sprang up between the howell family and the pradhan's.

last year robin's brother suman immigrated here and has added his wealth of knowledge of different curries to the menu at the cafe robin started with his lovely wife.

last night he made us tandoori chicken- ridiculously spicy tandoori chicken that made me look like i was mourning the loss of u2 tickets or something serious even.

god i fucking love spicy food.


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