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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

somewhere on the outside

i've just gotten in from seeing the island.

quite frankly, it exceeded all of my expectations, what with the explosions, car crashes, intense good music and ridiculous pant suits worn by mr. mcgregor and ms. johansson, not to mention ewan arguing with himself- with an accent and without.

really, his name should just be changed to hotass.

hotass mcgregor.

has a good kind of ring to it, doesn't it?


Anonymous Carly said...

hey meg..

ah, summer .
such lovely beauty.
fun times.

my cousin is going to start going to carleton this year.. i thought i'd tell you, mom wanted me to *hook you both up*, she's a lovely girl, very smart.. maybe a little too smart.

ah, just a little somethin gi thought i;d throw at ya.

mom and dad went on their annual summer vacation which consists of driving north Island, and getting naked, and staying naked for 2 weeks. it makes me laugh and cringe at the same time.. lol




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