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Friday, July 22, 2005

so we're told this is the golden age

sometimes i have a bad habit of eating sugar before i go to bed. this is bad because first, me and sugar means MADNESS and second, because it makes me have super weird dreams.

the other night i had a drumstick and had the oddest dream ever.

i dreamt that there was a party at the loblaws in south keys and that my date for the evening was brad pitt. [obviously in dream land i'm cool enough to know brad pitt, and, furthermore, cool enough to take brad pitt to a party at loblaws].

now, brad wasn't my date date. just my friend i brought along. [obviously not cool enough for brad pitt love in dream land].

anyways, admist the madness which was the party in the aisles of the grocery store, i lost track of brad and eventually went to bed in the frozen food section. somehow, however, i became aware that brad and my good friend liz were having a rendezvous in the frozen pea section.

the next morning, after waking up with my head on a mint-raspberry no name cheesecake, i found brad and in the manner of most excellent friends, we walked towards the train. [i heckled him for a ride in his suave car, but he said no in a nice way. maybe we were going in opposite directions? maybe i wasn't actually cool enough in dream land?]

anyways, just as we get to the train, liz appears out of no where, pecks brad on the cheek and whisks me away as brad stmbles towards his car, tongue-tied and dumbstruck, blshing like a man on fire.

in a voice that carried, i turned to liz and said:

"dude, you totally bagged brad pitt!"

from now on, me and sugar have a daily date right before bed. maybe, eventually, i will be cool enough in dreamland to merit a ride home in imaginary brad pitt's suave car.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm off to find a drumstick.

Although, I'm also hoping that Brad doesn't make an appearance in my dream.
Because that would be wrong.

I probably wouldn't be offended if Ms. Jolie were there.



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