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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

but we know it's just a lie

it always kind of grosses me out when, in movies, there's an obscene amount of sweat on the clothes people are wearing. mainly the shirts, but any kind of pant sweat is also really quite disgusting.

i'm not sure where that came from- i wanted to describe the way it feels to have a wave taller then yourself wash over your feet as you float below the surface of a huge lake. i wanted to try and explain about golden light, and how if you try you can catch it. i wanted to reflect on a moment i captured in my skull today which i know will be with me until the day i die.... but instead, the sweat thing has come to mind so i'm afraid you're stuck, thinking about the gross triangles of perspiration that form on the backs of people, down their necks and under their arms and also, if you choose to- pant sweat. ewwwwww.

i woke up this morning with songs from rent in my head.


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