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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

god speed all the bakers at dawn

it creeps up on you, the big sky does.

i've never been out west. i imagine saskatchewan as a large, flat land resembling a golden pancake. or maybe a golden coloured georgian bay when it's like glass and the wind only causes minor ripples on the surface. but the sky- the sky i can't even begin to fathom.

the sky isn't so big here- the cedars and the limestone that i stand rooted in cut into the horizon, eating up the bigness and shrinking the space. maybe that's why, when the land changes and the rock changes and the sky stretchs, it seems strange and foreign and terribly beautiful all at once.

the sky even stays big in ottawa, when the buldings creep up- but not too high, on account of the peace tower- and the traffic crowds in and my house shakes as the number fourteen roars past.

i cannot decide which sky is home.

maybe both.


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