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Thursday, June 09, 2005

i need you to elevate me here

my great grandmother was a genuine psychic.

the police in scotland would sometimes come to her when they simply couldn't find any leads in a case. she was often used to find missing jewelry and the like, however, once the police came to her with a case involving a missing child. as the family story goes, she sat for a while, cried for even longer and told the police not to waste their time, because he would be found in the morning beside the river. when pressed, she further revealed that the boy was already dead.

the next morning the body of the drowned child was found just where my great grand mother had indicated it would be.

that's morbid yes, but it's a prelude to revealing that sometimes, more often than not, my instincts are exactly bang on about certain situations, especially involving people that i'm attached to.

my poor bubble has found herself in a situation which, she is convinced, is the end of the world and entirely horrible. i'm having the hardest time trying to convince her that it's not an issue with me- that, quite frankly, my gut and my heart already knew what she is so desperately worried about and i had already come to terms with it.

bubble, can you hear me? [just like in tommy, i'm singing that outloud].

i say it far too often, and that may dilute its meaning to others, but it remains entirely true and entirely heartfelt when i say, with perfect clarity and truth that honestly my tuesday, it's all good.

besides, i have a new secret love. and just because it's luke skywalker doesn't mean you can laugh.

no, seriously, i mean it- no laughing. he may not have those sexy stylish pants that han solo and [i've become convinced] all corellians must have, but he does have that air of 'wow, i need a haircut using something other than a bowl' which really, just makes me melt.

not to mention the impressive light saber he wields.


Anonymous Carly Moew said...

hey Meg.. daarrling.
your picture is still in my wallet.. and i misses yeew.
:) :)
hows the fish?
dave says hi.. he liked being at your house..
so yeah...
You should come out here one of these years..!
no you really should...!
--lurve --car car moew (star warss name bitch)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

you're a geek. and i love it.



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