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Sunday, May 22, 2005

life without music i can't go

i'm having issues on where to begin.

it's always a romantic notion. the idea of keeping a record of my actions during a day. and of course, as is entirely obvious, i am of the opinion that anyone who speaks about themselves on a daily basis with the expectation that others care enough to read through poorly typed simple nothings is a complete attention whore.

i think attention whore could be my middle name.

so, where to begin?

should i tell you about the bitter party where i ate meat on a stcik with the boys, smoked pot, did dishes and misbehaved with kate? should i talk about the ridiculous pie making events that preceeded this party, or the exam of latin flavoured doom? maybe i should begin with the crap job of packing i did, and how much i miss my roommates and their peculiar noises, habits and rituals? maybe eight hours in the crv with kevn spilling over with thoughts of harry potter, star wars and the summer we're expecting? maybe the wedding i rushed home for that wasn't worth it, and the snowstorm that made it almost impossible to get home that night- that night where my sister missed her bus and my stepfather looked up a man's kilt. or maybe, just maybe i'll start with moving out of my room and into the one with no door so that my brother and ali could have a little privacy, maybe i'll start there? maybe i could tell you about boris and faxe and the skunk and the rabbit and the corn cob and the fish and the thursday run and the way georgian bay smells at sunset.

or maybe i won't start at all and i'll just let the past month go. instead of grasping so hard to the single moments i'll take away the impressions and leave you with vague hints about a months worth of simple nothings.

maybe i'll start with that.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

pines for her megs....I MISS YOU!!!

i want internet, too....


Beware, I'm gonna be on the phone calling you soon and talking your ear off.



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