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Sunday, April 17, 2005

urgent to myself i do believe

i have issues with letting people help me when i am preparing food in the kitchen. i hate it when there's eighty billion people trying to shuffle around and really often just prefer to do it myself. besides, i'm a control-freak and want to do it all, so kindly just back the shit up while i'm cooking ok?

last night i made dinner for tuesday and she became disgruntled when i wouldn't let her help and emailed me the following message:

GGGGGGGGGGAAAAAAAAAAAAH VFJJKkdfgpefnvAKLJKIAHSWIENFCDF JKBVEILGJOPFKKLD SBMDF LKGE RWKWSMGM,DFBDF,HGJDSKFHH YJSDJAMHF JSDFHASKAkjalkfal;aksdf ufdfjktnkcx jv74w euhtrjxcvh ukdzskltr84w5iorgjerkuv6i3hr jkdcm,xcv .l;dfjkgvhsakjrtu3q4oi 4jtrk fsa[pfkldfgkdf'khdsjkf gzfjdksvhjksdjghdkfjsnhdfgj ndfklgjdfkgjdklgj dgjdfklgjdlkgjjdkl gjediti9eopq wopr yure6hjnfgnvbcxbcvmbv mcxvnxzbxchbvjgfi gyfktfikygkihgjfdnsadgqdfFv BHBFDNGNJK DFGJKDGHJFKDGJKKJFK

decode this motherfucker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i m thinking of running off to cheat on you w/ a first year.

i love my bubble. and i laughed until snot came out of my nose.

charming image, isn't it?


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