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Friday, April 08, 2005

we'll just have to adjust

thursday nights around here are very predictable- ashley and caitlin, after getting dolled up, consume either small or copious amounts of alcohol and then head off to the campus pub. anna has class ad then returns home, and i go shopping.

it's been like this all year.

however, with the arrival of exam-schedule, there was no excuse. after weeks and weeks of excuses and copping out- ahsley and caitlin managed to drag me to the campus pub. they were estatic. they were thrilled. they were drunk.

i was quite sober and was quickly scandalized by the first year hoochie, so i didn;t stay very long. but it wasn't as bad as i make it out to be- i just like to ridicule because it's not my scene. no, my scene is a house party, a bottle of merlot and wilco on the stereo.

oh my, seems like i've just described the party tonight. muahahahah.


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