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Monday, March 21, 2005

with the stars up above in your eyes

my favourite thing to think about is what exactly people will ingest when they have a severe case of the munchies after getting extremely stoned. it inevitably falls into a series of categories- first, sweet or salty. next, there's a desire for either smooth texture or that unmistakable and satisfying crunch. the flavour is also key- you're searching for either something entirely unique or some sort of combination that is layered. i've seen people eat lime slices, mustard sandwiches, cake with pickles, chips dipped in whipped cream, cheese and peanut butter- pretty much anything goes when you've a jonsesing for that non-specific unnamable something.

however- i've found the answer. i now know what the ultimate food for the stonder munchie-seeker would be.

chocolate covered pretzels.

[where the fuck have these been my entire life? my god].


Blogger NooB said...

chocolate covered pretzels with cream in them (a la boston cream donuts) yumm ...


Blogger James said...

clearly 12 inches of hardcore submarine sandwhich or Spicy Nacho doritoes are the answer... of course, you'll take what you can get (including all the left-overs in the fridge... that was a good night)



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