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Saturday, March 12, 2005

theologians they don't know nothing 'bout my soul

i secretly like musicals.

i know, i ridicule the sound of music with gaylord or gayrod or whatever the hell his name is, and the bad one liners ['there's a girl down there that's never going to be a nun."- how can i NOT ridicule that shit?] and just in general laugh at all of the flouncy and extreme movements that occur when people break out into song. is it really necessary to sing about eveything?

but secretly, i do enjoy musicals.

this afternoon the girls and i went out to see rent- you know it. i know you do, because i thought i didn't know it, and i did. and it was fantatsically done, and very happy-sad, and just awesome.

i guess my musical love is now now no longer secret.


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