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Friday, March 11, 2005

will you follow me?

i am happy to say that i am the other half to another half.

now, don't start jumping up and down. don't get all excited. don't think that i've grown a big pair of brass balls and asked the boy out or declared my love or anything. no no no, i'm still sadly admiring from afar. rather, i've decided to be the other half in a lesbian relationship with my bubble- minus 'the sex.'

[and you have to say sex with a 'the' in front of it at all times. for example- "man, that's some crazy time to have the sex." or "woah, that's a lot of the sex." it works better you see].

anyways, last night bubble came over and she and i and robin had a night of random conversation which was super nice. after we finally went to bed [i take no blame for the hour at all] tuesday and i decided that really, we could be girlfriends. it would make life easier. the deal was sealed when i told her i would make her a mango-banana-raspberry smoothie for breakfast.

so yes, i'm now the proud girlfriend of my proud girlfriend.

minus the sex.


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